Woman Hits €265k Lottery Jackpot at PlayEuroLotto

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Winning a life-changing sum of cash is the dream for all online lottery players and that dream has come true for one lucky winner at PlayEuroLotto.

An Italian woman who wished to remain anonymous pocketed a bumper €265,052 payout after correctly matching five numbers and one of two Euro numbers on the ‘Bet on EuroJackpot game’ held on Friday 20 March.

“We’re absolutely delighted to announce our second six-figure winner in seven months!,” said Marek Mahdal, CEO of PlayEuroLotto’s parent company Kootac.

“To win a second tier prize in a major lottery is obviously a once-in-a-lifetime event, so we’re delighted on two accounts: firstly, we can truly say that our business has changed a customer’s life, and secondly we can look at this second major prize win through PlayEuroLotto in such a short space of time and see just how far our business has come in terms of the volume of business we’re doing.

“We take real pride in the work we do here on a day-to-day basis, and it’s fantastic to see our efforts come to fruition so spectacularly!”

The lucky Italian woman joins a man from Slovakia in winning a €200,00 plus score via PlayEuroLotto. The 34-year-old trousered a record-breaking €284,245 in August 2014.

In addition to EuroJackpot, PlayEuroLotto allows players to take part on five other major lotteries from across Europe and the United States. Since launching it has paid out over €20,000,000 in prizes.

The business recently launched a new live streaming betting games feature and entered the B2B market with its online lottery platform, offering its software solution to 3D party operators.

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