How to Be a Winner At The Casino

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How to Be a Winner At The Casino

Did you ever wonder about the people cashing out huge stacks of chips at the casino cashier’s window, while you were behind them waiting to cash out your five chips – or more likely, waiting to draw more money from your credit card?

How did they win all that money? Well, they may have started with that many chips when they arrived, but they probably just know how to be a winner at the casino. Want to join them? Here are five key tips.

How To Win At The Casino: 5 Tips

Tip #1: Play Video Poker, Not The Slots

Quite simply, you can expect to win more money on the average video poker machine than on the average slot machine. That is, of course, if you know some basic video poker strategy.

Researchers have found that total payouts on the worst slots in a casino start at around 91% of the total amount gambled, while those who play video poker well can expect to get back closer to 97% of their spending. (Bonus tip: standard Jacks or Better video poker machines pay off best.)

Tip #2: The Simpler, The Better

If you play slots, Las Vegas experts say that your odds of winning on a flashy machine with a modern theme, lots of bonus games and fancy graphics are much lower than on those boring, old-fashioned three reel-machines.

You’re also likely to drop more money than you think you’re spending on the newer machines with tons of pay lines; even though you may be playing “penny slots,” you have to bet all of the lines in order to have a good chance of winning – so on a 50-line machine, each spin costs you fifty pennies, not one. (Bonus tip: if you dream of hitting huge slot jackpots, be sure to play all the lines; most machines only pay big money if you’ve played every line.)

Tip #3: “Carnival Games” Are For Suckers

Most people know that their chances are better at the tables than the slots. But to entice younger people and casual players to the tables, casinos have added lots of what are called “carnival games” in the industry.

The odd rules and exotic betting in games like Three-Card Poker, Let It Ride, and Blackjack Switch may attract new players but they have a huge house advantage, particularly because of all the “bonus bets” which offer terrible odds. (Bonus tip: the worst bet in the house is the venerable “Big Wheel.”)

Tip #4: Choose Table Games With “Players’ Odds”

Roulette is easy and craps is fun, and they can pay off big. But playing to win big usually means you end up losing – especially because those two games have the worst odds for players (Craps is far better than roulette in that department, though).

Conventional wisdom says that baccarat offers the best odds; the problem is that minimum bets are usually too high for most people’s tastes. Good old blackjack still offers the best bang for your buck, with a house edge of less than 1% if you play solid basic strategy and choose your table well. (Bonus tip: your best return per hour is from sports betting.)

Tip #5: Manage Your Money

Every gambling expert on the planet can agree on one important fact: the easiest thing to do at a casino is blow through your bankroll.

Managing your money wisely and playing games with a slow pace is the best way to ensure you won’t be heading home with your tail between your legs. It’s fine to dream of a big score, but don’t let your dreams obscure the fact that if you have a great time and leave with a profit, even a small one, you’re a winner.

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